About IVS Global
IVS Global LLC. is a specialized Consular Services & Attestation outsourcing entity which assists Embassies and Diplomatic Missions worldwide. Our solutions help the consular section of the Embassy to focus solely on decision making; the entire administrative management of data, financial transactions, passports and documents is handled by IVS Global LLC.

IVS Global LLC currently provides Attestation and Consular services in UAE for Indian Embassy. The Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi has exclusively appointed IVS Global to carry out the attestation services in the UAE. We currently operate centres both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Key Personnel

Managing Partner

Mr Syed A Mubeen
Mr Syed A Mubeen holds a business degree from University of Madras. Mr Mubeen moved to UAE from India in 1989 and started his own Diamond business. As one of the leading pioneers in the diamond business he was one of the first Indians to create a successful Business model in the Middle East market. Mr Mubeen diversified his portfolio by creating a Travel and Tourism company called Interlink. He has also created a human resource management and a real estate business for over ten years. In 2012, Mr Mubeen along with Mr Gaekwad started a Business Process Outsourcing company by winning the tender for consular services for the Embassy of India in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Managing Partner

Mr  Satyajitsinh Duleepsinh Gaekwad
Mr  Satyajitsinh Duleepsinh Gaekwad is from the Royal family of Baroda in Gujarat. India. He also belongs to the family of Cricketers. Mr. Satyajitsinh Gaekwad represented Baroda in Cricket at various levels. He is an ardent sports person, Mr. Gaekwad is an professional Agriculturist, involved in organic Horticulture.  Mr Gaekwad began his business in the year 1982 in Chemical Trading, as official representative of  Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Ltd and Gujarat State Fertilizer Co. ltd.  He also represented Kin-Win Bros from USA in water treatment chemicals to Sugar Industry in India.
Mr. Gaekwad was involved in various social activities through his NGO being the special purpose of the Royalties and through this medium he was involved in politics and was elected as an Municipal Councilor from Baroda for 5 years. Mr Gaekwad was elected to the highest political position in the Indian Parliament and in 1996 he was Member of Parliament  and represented Baroda . Gujarat.

Mr Gaekwad was elected as President Indian Youth Congress for the period 1997 to 1999, and served as Secretary attached to Congress President’s Smt Sonia Gandhi’s office from 2002 to 2004.

Mr Gaekwad has multifaceted business acumen with many years of experience.  Mr Gaekwad is highly connected in the Business as well as politics on an international stage. Mr Gaekwad is involved in public related and networking services since last many years.

It was under the leadership of Mr Gaekwad that IVS GLOBAL SERVICES PVT LTD thrived and won contracts in various countries. He has been involved in developing the IVS brand across 11 countries in the last 4 years.

Mr Gaekwad was personally involved in establishing the IVS GLOBAL LLC in Dubai and Abu- dhabi from the grass roots.