Question: How do I get my WILL executed?
Answer: Personal presence of the executant/s with the following documents :
1. Valid passport in original of the executant/s, with photocopy (first / last and valid visa page).
2. Original WILL and its photocopy. This document is to be signed in the presence of the Consular Officer.
3. Personal presence of two Indian nationals known to the executant/s, as witnesses (other than the beneficiary). (must)
4. Valid passports in original with photocopy (first / last and valid visa page), of the witnesses.
5. Two passport size photographs with white background of the executant/s.


Fee for Executants:
 Attestation Fee  :  AED 80
 ICWF Fee  :  AED 8
 Service Fee  :  AED 4.50
 Total Payable  :  AED 92.50

Fee for each Witness: (must)
 Attestation Fee  :  AED 40
 ICWF Fee  :  AED 8
 Service Fee  :  AED 4.50
 Total Payable  :  AED 52.50

*Additional documents may be needed depending upon the documents presented for attestation. 

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