Service Detail

Requirements for verification of certificates:

  • Original certificate + 2 copies
  • Original Marksheets (All years) + 2 copies.
  • Original Passport & Valid Visa + 2 copies/certificate ( If you have more than 1 certificate, every additional certificate requires 2 additional copies of the passport)
  • If required Demand Draft or online Payment receipt.
  • DD can be made at any Exchange. Copy of the DD
  • Courier forms to be filled and a photocopy of the same needs to be taken

Note: For each certificate u need to make 2 sets of document. Each set should include 1 photocopy of certificate, Passport and marksheet. One set should contain original courier form and DD and the other will contain copies of the DD and courier form.

Important Note::

  • Please start tracking your certificate via Courier within 10 days of submission to check if it is delivered to the University.
  • Please follow up with the University to ensure that the University replies to the Consulate with the verification letter.
  • The verification letter does not come to IVS, hence please do not follow up with IVS Global.
  • The scanned copy of the University Letter alongwith the letter from the Embassy is directly sent to the Ministry of Higher Education and an email and SMS will be sent to you. For further action please contact the Ministry.
Category Fee : AED 50
ICWF Fee : AED 8
Service Fee : AED 4.50
SMS : AED 15
Typing Fee : AED 36.75


Local courier : AED 31.50
Courier to India : AED 78.75
Folder for document's protection : AED 4.20


Fees for verification-Abu Dhabi

Fees for verification-Dubai